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With the decline of privacy, Flash chat was born.

Our privacy today.

Smartphones have become a part of us—always on, always within reach to connect us with our friends, new friends, and the world.

Today, people are moving away from social media and are looking towards chat as their primary source for communication and information. Unfortunately chat companies, messenger apps, commercial entities like the apple APP store & google play store are not protecting peoples privacy. It's quite the opposite. Most of these companies save, use, & sell your data. They will turn over your personal data to any organization that asks for it. DO NOT THINK THAT chat & messenger apps that claim encryption protocols but have their apps in the APP store & google play store are safe. Google & Apple i.e USA government have a backdoor into all these apps & all your personal data is under surveillance. These chat & messenger companies have their servers in jurisdictions where privacy is not secure.

All our servers use military grade AES-256 encryption algorithm and are located in ( insert Swiss flag here) Switzerland. And where better to turn to for a fun, safe place to connect? Flash, of course!

Where We came From

Flash was founded in 2017 by a privacy oriented passionate group of cryptographers & telecommunication experts. At the time, chat apps could only be downloaded through the APP store & google play store. This means that there is no privacy, you are subject to their draconian rules, & under USA surveillance.

Flash chat is a Progressive Web App (PWA) therefore not subject to these rules nor jurisdictions where privacy is not the number one priority.

Switzerland has the most stringent privacy laws in the world. We will never save, use, sell, or hand your data to any organization in the world.

A matter of fact we couldn't even if we wanted to. All the information is military grade AES-256 encrypted, even from us. We do not track nor store IP addresses, credit card info, pictures, chats, audio files, call logs, or any thing that can be traced. We wanted to break down barriers and build a company that would allow users to chat with whoever, whenever in complete privacy.

Today, Flash is the best way to connect with friends, no matter where you meet them.

We will never raise money from Investors.

With millions of users and an incredible team, our plans are well under way.

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